Rewind Lever for Leica M Series

Improving your Film Camera Experience: Introducing a new Rewind Lever for Leica M Series

2 January 2024 – Maarten Moerman –  Camera Obscura Elburg

I am very proud to present a new rewind lever for Leica M series film cameras.

This meticulously crafted rewind lever will enhance the functionality and convenience of handling classic Leica film cameras.

Crafted with attention to detail, this rewind lever boasts a beautiful design coupled with CNC machined precision, ensuring a seamless and perfect fit for all modern Leica MP/MA and vintage Leica M2, M3 and MP models.

This rewind lever will improve the rewinding process, making it effortlessly easy – even in challenging conditions such as cold weather or while wearing gloves.

This new rewind lever fills a gap left by the unavailability of original Leica products and aftermarket supplies, providing Leica enthusiasts with a much-more affordable solution when prices for used alternatives have soared.

Key features of the rewind lever include:

  • Beautifully designed, enhancing the aesthetics of Leica M series cameras
  • CNC machined for optimal precision and durability
  • Perfect fitment for smooth and efficient film rewinding

The rewind lever will be available in three finishes to cater individual preferences:

  • Silver Chrome
  • Black Paint
  • Bare Brass

Included in the box are:

  • The lever
  • Setscrew with Nylon tip (pre-installed)
  • Allen key to tighten the setscrew
  • Rubber O-ring for optional extra grip

The knob on the lever is diamond knurled for optimum grip, and allows for adding a small rubber ring (included) on it to provide even more grip if needed.

The rewind lever can be locked onto the existing knob of the camera by the use of an allen set-screw with a nylon top to prevent damage tot he camera. An allen key is included.

This rewind lever for Leica M film cameras is set to launch in the first quarter of 2024,offering photographers, collectors and enthusiasts a chance to enhance their shooting experience with this exceptional accessory.

Currently, we are in pre-production phase, and are still testing the lever, and preparing for production, such as chroming and painting of the product.

Price is expected to be 160 EURO incl. VAT. 

Dealer-pricing: Inquire via email

Proudly made in The Netherlands!