Converted lens: Zeiss Biotar 75mm f1.5

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to buy a very old camera set with 3 lenses. It was an Exakta SLR camera, which had a 40mm, a 58mm (primoplan), and a 75mm lens included. Both the 58mm and 75mm lens are very special, the 75mm was a Zeiss biotar 75mm, the original and true king of Bokeh. It also turned out was a an extremely early serial number. When looking up in the Zeiss archives, it was number 6 of the production line in 1939, how cool is that!

We set to work to clean the equipment, as it was very dirty from laying on a shelf for years and years, and they turned to be in amazing condition.

Since this is such a special find, and we wanted to do something cool with it, we decided to have it converted to LTM with rangefinder coupling, which makes it useable for any LTM & M camera out there.

The results are amazing, see for yourself here: Carl Zeiss Jena CZJ Biotar 7.5cm f1.5 LTM (75mm)