Warranty & Shipping information

Warranty & Shipping information


With all the Leica Rangefinder bodies that you buy from us is a 6 month limited warranty included. This warranty does not apply on SLR cameras or lenses. SLR cameras & lenses are sold as they are specified in the product description (as is). If you are not happy with your item once it arrives, see the paragraph about “Right of Withdrawal”.

We spend time to make sure the what you buy is in perfect working order before you buy it, which means most of them have seen service prior to selling. We make sure all items are cleaned, checked, aligned and calibrated to specification (unless stated otherwise).

The Leica Rangefinder that you buy will be warranted for 6 months, starting on the sold date that is specified on your invoice. If you need to claim warranty, you need to show this invoice. The warranty only applies to the person the camera has been sold to directly from Camera Obscura Elburg.

Warranted are:

  • General working of the camera
  • Shutter speeds within 1/3rd of a stop that is specified on the shutterdial.
  • Rangefinder patch visibility
  • Working of a possible present lightmeter at the time of purchase

Not warranted is:

  • Rangefinder alignment (sometimes a small bump make these go out of alignment)
  • Breaking of the viewfinder/rangefinder glass
  • Damage caused by falling or bumping of the camera
  • Water (damp) damage
  • The start of haze in the viewfinder

Right of Withdrawal

Per EU directive, you have the right to return you item within 14 days of purchase. You do not need a justification for this.

More information can be found here: https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/index_en.htm


Shipping information

All items are carefully sealed and packed in an oversized box filled with foam.

For shipping we use the services of PostNL in the Netherlands.

All of our shipments are insured (with a maximum of €5500,-) and signed for. We will share the track & trace code via email to you.

Dutch shipments can be tracked on http://www.postnl.nl and international shipments can be tracked on http://internationalparceltracking.com

Tarifs in Euro (€) are as following:

Country: Box shipping: Envelope shipping:
Netherlands 15.85 9.80
Europe (zone 1) 34.50 18.50
Europe (zone 2) 41.00 21.00
World (zone 3) 68.50 30.00

Zone 1: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Zweden.

Zone 2: Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Czech, Switzerland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia.

Zone 3: United States, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, South-Korea, Singapore, Saoudi-Arabia.