Scanning with a Hasselblad Flextight 848/Imacon scanner

Do you need the finest quality scans in high resolution? You can visit our shop and use our equipment at an hourly rate. We have several scanners available, one of them is a Hasselblad Flextight / Imacon 848 scanner.

The Hasselblad is a virtual drumscanner that allows for high resolution scans ranging from 35mm strips to 4×5 sheets.

A dedicated Apple computer with the flextight scanning software and Photoshop/Lightroom installed is available for general use, and we have a fast internet connection available as well if you want to store your scans somewhere online, or send them somewhere.

Tarif: 35 euro / hour excl. VAT

The Hasselblad scans with these resolutions:We have these film holders available:
– 8000 dpi for 35mm
– 4000 dpi for 45x60mm portrait mode
– 3200 dpi for 6×6/6×7/6×8/6×9
– 2040 dpi for 4×5

– 35mm single
– 35mm strip
– 35mm double strip (custom)
– 4×4
– 6×6
– 6×7
– 6×9 (custom)
– 4’x5′

We also have available: A Scanmate 5000 drumscanner (only available on special request for experienced people), a Plustek Optic 120 pro & Canon flatbed scanner