We love Polaroid

There are 2 things besides rangefinders that we personally really like, and that’s the Polaroid SX70 with its classic instant pictures, and the 8×10 large format Polaroids.

We love and shoot the SX70 so much that we have decided to make our own storage boxes for these tangible moments to store (they also fit Instax Wide).

See our store for these lovely boxes, they easily hold 60 pictures, which is more than the original sold-out Polaroid boxes, are cheaper, and come in flat/foldable design so they ship easily.

Next to that, we are in love with large format 8×10 Polaroids. Unfortunately these are very expensive (still the cheapest way to shoot 8×10), but we offer the possibility to have your portrait taken on 8×10 Polaroid.

We have recent batches (2022/2023) of both black&white and color film available, and some expired black&white film as well.

We have all the necessary gear for this in our studio: 8×10 camera, 240mm/305mm lens for this camera , Mola euro beauty dish & Bowens flashes.

We can create an amazing lasting and unique/one of a kind portrait. We charge EUR 100,- for a single portrait.